Alletz are setting new standards to help dealers provide their customers with exceptional warranty products and associated services, and we believe our Green Electrical Mechanical product is the most flexible and customer friendly dealer warranty in the U.K.

If you have not already taken advantage of the ultimate protection provided by our Comprehensive cover, then we encourage you to speak with your dealer, or alternatively please contact us directly for more details.

(warranty cover subject to terms and conditions)


Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, but amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life it's sometimes easy to miss those important dates that help keep the important things in life ticking along smoothly.

Here at alletz™ we have a simple renewal program that we introduced to keep your vehicle warranty alive and kicking.

A month before your expiry date we can email you with a special offer to buy a new warranty package to suit you and your vehicles requirements. The choice is yours.

Just email quoting 'Renewal' and we'll whizz our latest offers over to you. By the time it takes to make a cup of tea you could be covered again.

What We Cover

Our comprehensive cover includes everything listed here. You can limit your cover with our options warranty package and select just the categories you want. Cars that have travelled over 100,000 miles OR are over 10 years old, are eligible for those categories shown in blue.

  • Engine

  • Gearbox

  • Drivetrain

  • Diagnosis & Sundries

  • Steering

  • Braking System

  • Electrical

  • Cooling system

  • Turbo

  • Fuel system

  • Emissions

  • Securiy & Driving Aids

  • Suspension

  • Clutch

  • Multimedia & Dashboard

What we don't cover

We would love to be able to cover everything on your vehicle. Unfortunately certain parts, such as servicing items or those exposed to high wear and tear, are not covered by our warranty.

Listed below is a reduced list of what we don't cover, please open the full document provided below for a full list:

  • Aerials
  • Air-bag material and mechanism
  • All light units, bulbs, and bulb holders
  • All service components and items that require periodic replacement
  • All wiring, wiring looms and harnesses
  • Any non-mechanical or non-electrical items
  • Amplifiers and speakers
  • Bodywork, chassis, glass and plastics
  • Bolts, fixings, brackets, rods, hoses and pipes


A note on general wear & tear:

Your agreement covers you for the sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical failure or breakage of items listed in this brochure, subject to the level of cover shown on your certificate.

Parts that are worn out due to general wear and tear are not covered by this agreement

The following items are subject to a contribution of 50% of the claim:

  • Air suspension
  • Anti-roll control bar (ARC)
  • Clutch
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Dual mass flywheel (manual)
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR)
  • Injectors
  • Instrument clusters (repairs only)
  • Multimedia system

The following items are capped at a maximum of £100:

  • Car battery
  • Software reprogramming (as part of an authorised repair)
  • Seized brake calipers
  • Sundries such as oils, gaskets, and filters (as part of an authorized repair).

What to do if your vehicle has a problem

If you should experience any issues, call us immediately. We will guide you through the procedure over the phone, backed up with a step-by-step guide via email. Failure to follow the claims procedure may result in the claim being rejected.

  • step 1

    If your car is NOT driveable and you need rescuing: Call the team on: 0333 987 3000

  • step 2

    Based on the categories covered in your warranty certificate we will tell you if the problem with your car is likely to be covered or excluded.

  • step 3

    If the fault is potentially covered, we will try to find a reputable and suitable repairer local to you. If this isn't possible then we are happy for you to nominate a repairer. We will also send you and your repairer (if an email address is supplied) an email clearly explaining our procedure.

  • step 4

    The chosen repairer needs to contact us with a full diagnosis of the fault before we can give any authority. If you have chosen Diagnosis & Sundries on your certificate we will pay for up to one hour subject to the agreed maximum labour rate.

    Your repairer can contact our claims team on 0333 987 3000 or by email at

  • step 5

    If we approve the repair we will issue a Repair Authorisation Number and confirmation that we will pay for all parts and labour

  • step 6

    Once a Repair Authorisation Number has been given, it remains valid for a period of three months. Upon completion of the authorised work the repairer will invoice us directly and you will be able to take your car, subject to paying for any work that is not covered by this warranty.

claims and rescue

If you find yourself stranded due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown, then we'll get someone out to you as soon as possible.

Up to 4 call-outs during the term of the cover

If we cannot fix your car at the roadside we will recover you to a nearby repairer or your home (up to a maximum distance of 30 miles). There will be a charge if you require to travel further.

Please note:

You will be charged for any service not listed as part of your rescue cover

Your rescue cover is limited to 1 call-out per individual problem. You are not covered for multiple call-outs to fix the same issue with your vehicle.

For Claims and Rescue telephone: 0333 987 3000

other products

Where we are now

Alletz™ certainly doesn't have time to rest on its laurels, either continuing to hone its more traditional GEM products, or looking towards the future at what products might be needed as manufacturers and consumers shape the next decade or two.

It's a fast moving industry as one example demonstrates, with pure electrics or hybrids now starting to be embraced by manufacturers with a view of becoming a core strategy, driven by the need to meet their legislative requirements.

We're here for you

Whatever the future holds we are keen to work with all our partners to help evolve their needs together with our purposeful objective of providing innovative and quality products.

Here at alletz™ we are light on our feet and we have the flexibility to discuss and create new products that may take some of our competition much longer to get to market.

Now that's a game changer

To enquire about our new or existing GEM products please contact us at